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If your case is eligible to be expunged, you may submit this request with payment of fee to begin the process. If you pay this fee, it is non-refundable. Upon making this request if it is determined you were not eligible for this request, the fee you paid is forfeited.

1) Download and Complete the* Petition for Expunction*

2) Then, complete this expunction request and pay your filing fee.

3) You will receive an email to send your Petition for expunction request document to.

Expunction Request
Used to contact you in case of problem with payment
Has your case in this court been closed more than 24 months? (If no, you are NOT eligible for expungement. )
Have you been convicted or are charges pending in another court for this same violation? (If yes, you are NOT eligible for expungement.)
Payment method
Payment Details
Payment amount
Municipal Online Payments Fee (Credit Card) $0.00

Welcome to the Misc. Payments demo site.

Misc. Payments help your users communicate, request, and pay for items online. Before Misc. Payments these request could only be completed in person or by mail.  

Tyler's goal in providing streamlined workflows help you service the users’ needs immediately while simplifying your work processes. 

We have provided samples of Misc. Payments that our Cities, Courts, and Police Departments have used to improve customer service. 

You can try out features offered in our solution from this website, enter links to documents you need the customer to download as part of their request, collect the fees, and more

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